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Museum Visit

Taurique Venson


Graphic Design Principles 1

Artist : Evelyn Hoffer l Date:1964 l  Medium: Photographs dye transfer paint

Name of exhibit Evelyn Hofer in 3 parts: Portraits, Landscapes, Still Lives

Location: Danziger Gallery

This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.The foreground in this art piece or photograph  stands outs. From first glance all it is  simple green grass. Its not so simple though, the grass brings out color in the photo and correlates with the background and helps the image overall and background. Showing contrast and layers of contrast throughout the photo. The background is foggy air with a  bridge behind it (that u can see through the mist). The main subject of the subject is a black male wearing a bright shirt sitting on a bike. He positioned right in the middle of the bridge and is covering a tree u can see in the background only by a little bit. Being a very old picture the texture is very grainy, its not very clear due to technology/camera that was used in the 1960s. The motion the male is presenting and the overall picture presents is stiff and neural . There’s is no emotions in the males face and is posture and the way his body is positioned on the bike is stiff. One of the project Ive done n Graphic design principles 1 was project 3 SelfieMotion. In one of the beginning steps for the project we had to take a selfie presenting a emotion in front of a white bland background. Seeing this photo the differences was plentiful. My face showed my expression and the way my body was positioned made it look like I was ready and excited to take this picture. The male in the photo looked like he didn’t want to be there and somewhat sad. Just an expressionless face.

Museum visit

Gaethan Jean-Pierre

Graphic design principle


Final essay

This piece of art that i have chosen for this project relates to many of the past projects that we completed.  It is similar to the obvious and ambiguous project because the painting is ambiguous in a sense because of the colors.  The vibrant shades of colors all mix together and if you just look at the patterns close enough you tend to get lost in the patterns and lose focus of the people in the painting all together.  It also relates to the texture and pattern project because the painting is a bunch of shapes collaged together to make it into an object. Although that was not the full focus of the texture and pattern project it still had something to do with it because we had to make letters, shading, and spacing become objects as i did with the rocks.  This painting also can be related to the selfie motion project because its a collage of objects on a person however it does not show emotion. It just gives the people features such as eyes and hair and clothing. Finally this painting can be related to the color your selfie project. Its related in the way it uses color to differentiate things like hair, clothing, objects, and body parts.  Overall i enjoyed doing all projects because it was very hands on and taught me how to manipulate everyday things for example how anything on the floor can be turned into a ambiguous or obvious art piece. I also really liked how we used things we found on a magazine to show expression.

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Michael Castillo

Design – Museum Visit


      The museum visit to the MOMA opened my eyes to the beauty and craft in art. Jackson Pollocks work in the museum was the main eye catcher! His art defies conventional explanation, in the words his pieces conveyed abstract expressions; similar to Project 1 where we worked with negative space and defined the foreground/background. In addition, his work can also be related to Project 3 where we were faced with having to translate an expression onto paper!


This semester has been one joyful ride. I learned many things! I learned how to manipulate the ink in a brush/pen, how to differentiate a foreground from a background, how to make nothing into something and anything between. Most importantly, im taking with me that patience is key. If I am patient enough with myself and my work, I can create anything. As a designer it took me awhile to understand that what works for someone else may not work for me, but knowing where to direct my focus is invaluable.



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