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Project 04 -deliver

I have never learned about color before, so it was an excellent experience for me. The color that I thought and I found through CMYK color is different, so it was surprised. It was hard to me make it neat and clear via using photoshop. It was terrific that several layers consisted of one image. Depending on the foreground and background colors, the picture shows a really different feeling to me. Finding the mood what I want is also fun. Through this project, I learned how the importance of color is. I was happy to doing this project as well.

Final presentation

Complementary Composition: It was the uneasy part to understand the process and get the final result.
Triad composition: I am very pleased by the way I achieved the Triad composition.
Analogous composition: even though I get to master the process to change the color, I think I could do better on the level of the mouth to emphasis more the mood of the picture.
in general, as not familiar with photoshop, I did progress while learning through this project that colors as elements of design play a major role in communicating a mood.

Color Your Selfie Project#4

The color I chose as my favorite color was a Blue-ish tint: Pantone 2708. Here on the left is my Complementary composition. I choose this Tint Blue because whenever I see light/regular-tone blue, I feel calm and alive at the same time. It reminds me of the bright blue sky on a mid sunny day. It reminds me of the wide blue ocean and it’s salty smelling sea. It reminds me of adventure and fun.

When I search for the different meanings and feelings with the color Blue, many say soothing, peaceful, security, authority. Sometimes sadness, loneliness, depression. Over seas in other cultures, they refer the color of Blue to immortality, good health, love and/or joy.

Here on the left is my Triad composition. It consists of three colors: (INSERT COLOR NAMES). I began to play around with the different colors on different areas of my selfie. I chose purple as my background to give it depth and outline for my body. The darker color gives the photo a bolder and louder look, rather than a softer one like the Complementary composition.

I chose the Pantone 2708 (Tint Blue) as the color a highlight to pop out small details. This gives it character and rugged edge to this photo. The Minty Green next to the purple displays a POP ART genre, from the two contrasting tones of the colors.

The further into the project, the more it became vibrant in tones that I chose. I really enjoyed using bright and dark contrasting colors. It makes the photo POP and become bold and loud. Here on the left is my Analogous composition. I call it Pink limonade. The highlights here are more visible compared to the Triad composition. Here it gives it interesting character in the way where one can see the tiny dots of highlight. From the first all the way into the detail of the necklace and hair.

What I enjoyed the most about this project was that we got to use the computer. I enjoyed the exploration and the experimentation of Adobe Photoshop. An aspect that was difficult was selecting specific areas I wanted to work on/color. That was in the exploration part of the project which was all cool.