Hifza , Aimei

Marcio , Alexander 

Reflection: How can you move your team from “performance goals” to higher-order “learning goals” and self-directed learning.

Make sure every term number does their work. 

This can be done by being persistent with each team member when it comes to delivering the guidelines to assignments. For instance, if one of the guidelines to an assignment states to cite 10-15 sources, and the max a group partner completed was 5, at this point I would realize that completing the assignment isn’t a part of learning new material.  

As a group, we can communicate with each other by listening to their point of view on specific issues so we can work as a team to come up with a conclusion. 

In order for our team to meet our performance goal, we all have to brainstorm and gather important information that meets BQE criteria. Consistency matters in a group, where everyone works together and backs up each other perspective.