Faculty: Please outline your grading policy here, including grading scale and specific participation requirements, as well as how and where you will communicate grades to students.

Project 120%
Project 220%
Project 320%
Project 420%
Attendance & Class Participation20%

Grading Rubric

Options for Meaningful Participation

Even if students can’t attend (or fully attend) synchronous sessions, they could maintain engagement with this course on a weekly basis via…

  • Updates, reflections, or journals—shared with the class, a peer group, or the instructor
  • Low-stakes written reflection on course content—e.g. discussion board or blog posts
  • Low-stakes completion of sample problems or quizzes
  • Participation in synchronous sessions via dialing in on a phone,  or using a lower-bandwidth chat program like Slack, GroupMe, or What’sApp to conduct a synchronous discussion
  • An ungraded assessment that students complete after a synchronous session or after viewing recorded material)
  • Asynchronous or synchronous discussions with a peer group or a partner in the course 
  • Turning in other assignments that demonstrate achievement of the course’s learning goals
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