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Ad Agency Digital Poster Campaign

In this project, teams of 5-6 will work to develop a digital poster campaign to advertise one New York based advertising agency of choice.

Each student will then be responsible for designing their own illustrative/vector-based design to reflect the team’s creative brief and style guide. The designs are intended to be shown as a group (i.e. the grid on Instagram)- and should showcase both copy and design consistency.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to work in teams to create consistency as individual designers. Students will also learn more about local Advertising Agencies. Students will learn about how to advertise through social media.


  1. Final individual assets will be delivered as 2400×2400 px PNG files. Final group pdf presentations must include creative brief, style guide, and ads shown together. Designs must be created in an illustrative format.
  2. Design must include a brand purpose (product, logo, iconography, ect)
  3. Design must include a call-to-action (website, social media, location, ect)
  4. Design must include one headline per asset – should be largest element on ad
  5. Design must include one tagline throughout campaign (same tagline on all assets) – should be smaller than the headline and tie together both the headline and brand purpose
  6. Design must include dominant artwork that catches the audiences eye

Due Date(s)

  • Add due dates or schedule


Crones Campaign Behance

S&M Solutions Behance

Riedell Instagram (Superstars Posts)

Pentagram Instagram (engagement and traffic)

Instagram Template

Project Example

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