Due Date(s)

  • Logo History 2nd Draft due today in the Drop box on Blackboard
  • Visual Quote Project 3 Sketches- is due to be submitted next week/ Week Five
  • First Quiz will be Next Week/Week Six

To Do

Study for Quiz: As a reminder, the Quiz will cover the following terms:

• Based on your readings to date and our lectures, below are terms you should know. These terms you will see on our first quiz, which will be on week 6. So, keep these terms in the back of your mind with regard to what you have read and what you will be reading.

Binary (Base 2)
Bit Depth
Lossy Compression
Lossless Compression
Recognize Bitmap File formats–JPEG, PNG, TIF, BMP, etc.
Recognize Vector File Formats–eps, svg

To Read or To Watch

Review the following readings for your quiz and make sure you relate the readings to your terms above. You definitely need to know the key distinction between Raster vs. Vector and the key differences between the two. Make sure you know which software products Raster products and which produces vectors and which standard file formats are raster and which are vector.

You should know the distinction between native applications and standard File Formats.

University of Michigan Library’s Image Guide