Due Date(s)

  • Sketches of Visual Quote Project Due Today
  • Logo History 2nd Draft due to be submitted on Week Four
  • Visual Quote Project 3 Concepts are due to be submitted on Week Five
  • Readings Complete Weekly/First Quiz will be Week Six

To Do

• Revise your Logo History Report for re-submission next week to the Blackboard drop box.

• Based on your readings to date and our lectures, below are terms you should know. These terms you will see on our first quiz, which will be on week 6. So, keep these terms in the back of your mind with regard to what you have read and what you will be reading.

Binary (Base 2)
Bit Depth
Lossy Compression
Lossless Compression
Recognize Bitmap File formats–JPEG, PNG, TIF, BMP, etc.
Recognize Vector File Formats–eps, svg

• Keep working on your visual quote project. All three concepts are due on week 5 for presenting to the class on our zoom meeting.

To Read

In your text, Digital Foundations, Read Chapter 4 Type on a Grid and Chapter 7 Scanning.