Due Date(s)

  • Logo History 2nd Draft due today in the Drop box on Blackboard
  • Visual Quote Project 3 Sketches- is due to be submitted next week/ Week Five
  • Readings Complete Weekly/First Quiz will be Week Six

To Do

• Complete your 3 visual quote concepts so that they are ready to be submitted next week for critique during class. Quotes should be submitted into the Blackboard DropBox.

• Do use the photo sites discussed to generate ideas for your quote project

To Read

• We reviewed this PS Print site What’s the Difference Between Raster and Vector during Class discussion but read it carefully again for homework.

• Read the following Sections of the University of Michigan’s Image Guide: Raster. Vs. Vector, Image File Formats, Scanning, What is a Resolution?, What is Resizing?, How to Change Resolution? and How to Resize an Image