Due Date(s)

  • Work on your Logo History Third & Final Draft Based on Feedback -this is due on week 8
  • Be sure to have your Three Visual Quote Projects Uploaded onto Blackboard for Critique next week

To Do

Today, after the quiz, we started our next major topic, The Science of Color

I’ve created a Handout in PDF that you can download and use when reading and listening to the various resources I’ve provided on Color. It has questions that you should be able to answer after completing your readings. We will be discussing these questions in the next two weeks.

To Read and To Listen

• Complete listening to the RadioLab Podcast Ripping the Rainbow a New One

Amazon sample pages of “The Interaction of Color”

• Read the Look Inside pages of Karissa St Clair’s book The Secret Lives of Color

• Read this article on Color Space within Adobe Photoshop

• Review the Color Science Chapter from the Open Textbook Graphic Design and Print Production Fundamentals discussed during class