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LL#8 Depth of Field

Depth of field is perspective that shows a noticeable difference between the camera, object, and the background of the object. The background creates a different level of blurriness depending on the distance. The factors that should be kept in mind … Continue reading

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LL#6 Freezing Motion

This photo is one of my favorite ones because it captured his and the ball’s motion perfectly. Greg was throwing the ball from his back towards the camera while jumping in to the frame. His structure stands out a lot … Continue reading

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LL#5 Shutter Speed

  I like this photo because I managed to draw a star using a light source with a shutter speed of 4″ at F11 and using ISO 100. We set the shutter speed so slow because I needed enough time … Continue reading

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LL#4 Portrait Basics

When this photo was being taken, lighting directions and the angles that the subject faced were taken into consideration. The subject is facing away from the camera making the short side of his face have more lighting than the other … Continue reading

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LL#3 Lighting Direction

This medium shot photo was taken at a low angle with direct side light and the camera’s ISO set to 100 and manual. I like this photo the most because of the contrast between the flowers and the background. The … Continue reading

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LL#2 Composition

This photo was taken with one of the categories in mind. The goal was to capture a photo that was extremely close up. The ISO was set to 3200 on the Canon 60D and shutter set was set to 1/100. … Continue reading

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HW#1 Photo Description

Moon Over Downtown, New York City, USA, 2006 The picture shows a beautiful skyline of downtown New York City over a body of water. The picture’s alignment is perfect with the extra reflection streak of the sun/moon on the water. … Continue reading

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LL#1 The Thing Itself

The text is saying that photography is a thing itself, meaning that the world around us is art. In order to clearly appreciate the beauty of the world, intelligence is required to treasure it. The difference between reality and a … Continue reading

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