LL#2 Composition


This photo was taken with one of the categories in mind. The goal was to capture a photo that was extremely close up. The ISO was set to 3200 on the Canon 60D and shutter set was set to 1/100. I took a close up shot of the wheel because I felt it stood out the most out of the overall composition of the chair. I try to show figure to ground by creating light and dark contrast in the photo by having a lighter background with the black wheel as the close up subject that filled the frame. This photo was taken at eye level because I rested the camera adjacent to the wheel rather than taking it at a high or low angle. I like this photo because I like close-up pictures. Close-up pictures are, in my opinion, the hardest to take because the camera and lens both needs to be manually adjusted according to your distance to the object. Also, close-up pictures show more details of the object and blurs out its surroundings, and I like when a picture shows the clear-blur affect.

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