LL#8 Depth of Field


Depth of field is perspective that shows a noticeable difference between the camera, object, and the background of the object. The background creates a different level of blurriness depending on the distance. The factors that should be kept in mind for it is the camera’s aperture, the space around, the focal length, and the camera’s sensor size. I find this photo successful because I took it very up close to see every detail of the tree trunk and it’s clear that there’s grass and leaves in its background. There’s depth of field between the tree trunk and the grass. Also, there is strong contrast between the object and the background. The object is a strong brown and the back is green.

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  1. rmichals says:

    This is a very good example of shallow depth of field. Depth of field refers to focus. It is the range of focus from hear to far that appears to be in focus. it can be shallow or extensive. Perspective is the term we use for the ways a sense of depth is created in a photo.

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