LL#1 The Thing Itself

The text is saying that photography is a thing itself, meaning that the world around us is art. In order to clearly appreciate the beauty of the world, intelligence is required to treasure it. The difference between reality and a picture is that a picture can be modified according to the photographer and cannot fully reflect reality. But a picture would never lie because even under alterations, whatever the camera saw would be more of the truth than the human eye. The human eye can be damaged according to each individual and can distort images sent to the brain, so a camera is a better way to fully capture reality and survive.

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2 Responses to LL#1 The Thing Itself

  1. Calvin Huang says:

    From “The Thing Itself”, by John John Szarkowski, it’s mentioned that photography is a treasure and that the world is like art as objects takes interest to him to taking a good picture. Pictures are seen in black and white but with no subject and clarity. From taking a picture while holding the camera, he gives credit, not by taking the right picture but the image that comes up after the picture as a fantastic shot. The more compositions, the better image.

  2. rmichals says:

    The reading states that “the public believed that the photograph could not lie.” I don’t think the author thinks that photographs do not lie. He states that others believe this. He uses the quote at the end about the 19th cen, people came to believe that what they saw in photos was true. He is skeptical of this position.

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