LL#4 Portrait Basics


When this photo was being taken, lighting directions and the angles that the subject faced were taken into consideration. The subject is facing away from the camera making the short side of his face have more lighting than the other side. The side with the light is the shortĀ lighting and the side with less light is the broadĀ lighting. The main light was coming in at an angle from the photographer’s right which causes the lighting on the subject. In this photo, there is no light on the subject’s left side meaning that no fills were used. There’s also noĀ background light shining on the backgroundĀ so there’s no glowing light effect on happening behind the subject.

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  1. rmichals says:

    The lighting is dramatic in this photo and gives the sense of Alberto’s strength and perseverance.

    You will get better results with glasses with broad light though it might not be this dramatic.

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