1. Select “HR/Campus Solutions”
  2. Select “Reporting Tools”
  3. Select “Query”
  4. Select “Query Viewer”
  5. In the empty box, enter: CU_SR_CLASS_SCHED_DATA_ORIG
    Note: This is NOT case sensitive; you may enter it in lowercase letters
  6. Select “Search”
  7. When the “Search Results” appear, select “Excel” under “Run to Excel”; a new window
    will open
  8. Enter the correct criteria (not case sensitive):
    a. Academic Institution – NYT01
    b. Term – select term
    c. Subject – select subject
    d. Career ‐ UGRD
  9. Select “View Results”; a new window will open
  10. Select either “Open” or “Save” and follow any subsequent prompts

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