Visually Enhanced Quotation

For this project, I chose to focus on the following quote from the Footprints poem:

“It was then that I carried you.” Below are my design concepts.


Footprint in the sand1) For this design, I went with a more basic approach. The quote forms an actual footprint in the sand. At first, I layered the text onto the footprint, but after receiving feedback on my design, I decided to form the footprint out of the text. I also positioned the water in such a way, that it looks as if the water is about to touch the foot. This is an important element because the water represents the problems in an individual’s life. And, just when life gets tough, that is when God carries you.

footprint design 1 pdf


Soldier carrying a wounded soldier2) For my second design, I tried to stay away from the footprints in the sand idea. So, I thought about other situations in which someone could be carried. In the drawing, a solider is seen carrying a wounded soldier as the American Flag flutters in the background as a  “watermark” symbol of freedom. For me, a soldier symbolizes brotherhood and fidelity. When it seemed as if there was no hope for the wounded solider, his brother came back for him and carried him back to safety.

soldier quote pdf


Text with Background3) The third design is more textual. The lettering is shaded with an ombre look that varies from white to light turquoise. The quote itself is stacked on top of the sand and the word “You” is carrying the rest of the quote. Behind the quote is a beach-like setting with birds.

Revised beach pdf




Jesus carrying a weak traveler

4) At the end of the poem, the anonymous poet mentions that the person notices only one set of footprints. In design four, the footprints belong to Jesus. In the drawing, He is seen carrying a woman as He walks towards the sunset. Although it appears as if they still have a long way to go, the sunset and the bright skies represent the hope for a better future and the possibilities it holds.

Jesus quote pdf



Text with footprints

5) For design five, I chose to focus more on the text. The quote is in white with a black background. Red footprints can be seen intersecting the quote. I chose to use red footprints for two reasons: 1) The color red usually draws the viewers attention and 2) red represents Jesus’ blood which was shed on the Cross in lieu of payment for our sins. As a result, we can rest assured that He will carry us to safety during our personal storms.

Visual Quote with text pdf



Drawing of father holding his child6)  For my last design, a father is seen holding his crying baby girl. Behind him, is a washed-out background- it’s as if the father is taking in the moment and focusing only on his daughter. For the lettering, I was aiming for a brush script, like he’s whispering the quote into her ear to sooth and calm her. (Baby girl pdf)