Overcoming Obstacles (Journal Entry # 6)

Girl with arms uphttps://pixabay.com/photos/confused-hands-up-unsure-perplexed-2681507/


So far, I have worked on a social media assignment, a motion graphic, and a logo. Out of these assignments, the motion graphic was the hardest project. I had no experience with motion, though I did take an animation course, I eventually discovered that it is totally different. I always thought that motion was a three-dimensional form of animation or the birth child of video editing and animation. But as per Matt Ellis of 99 Designs, “Motion graphics focus on giving movement to graphic design elements, but tend to have less of a concrete storytelling aspect than other types of animation.”

After coming up with an idea of what I wanted for the graphic, I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials on how to do specific effects. It took a week and some change to complete a thirty second graphic. Around five days of assigning the project, my supervisor offered me a chance to get another assignment, but I chose to stick it through in hopes of gaining experience in this area. I also wanted to demonstrate a sense of perseverance and willingness to do my job. Though my project was not as successful as I wanted it to be, regarding timing, I am glad to have gained minimal knowledge.