COMD 1100 (Graphic Design Principles 1)




The Unwanted Package

Black and White Print

For this project, I had to create a concept in favor or against a controversial topic. Since I am a Christian and am passionate about the pro-life movement, I chose to focus on abortion.

The painting is on a 14″×14″ piece of Bristol paper and is made with Speedball© India ink. In the painting, a baby is in a box that is labelled return to sender. By aborting her child, the mother is “sending” her child back to God, the one who created the precious child within her. The mother, on the other hand, is seen walking away from her child. The cracks on the ground represent a harsh womb and the swirls in the sky represent the life of freedom the mother hopes to get after the abortion.


Portrait of Monica

Portrait of Classmate

For this project, I drew a grid and repeated the same drawing in each box. The upper left hand image focused on original colors, while the lower left hand corner/upper right hand corner played with complementary colors. Finally, for the lower right hand image,  I used pointillism to recreate my classmate’s portrait.


Tropical Birds Painting

Blue Macaw Red Macaw

For this project, we had to use the Bezold effect. In simpler terms, I had to use three colors for the piece on the left (blue, yellow and green) and, for the other piece, I replaced blue with red to create a dramatic contrast. This effect proves Joseph Alber’s theory that the way a color is perceived changes due to its surrounding colors. Furthermore, it also helps companies save time and money.


The Snake Charmer

Figure Ground Reversal

For this project, I had to create a figure-ground reversal out of the drawing I used in the previous project. A figure-ground reversal is an artistic design in which the foreground and the background are interchangeable. Basically, half of the composition is one color and the other half another.


Lost in Space

Figure Ground Reversal          

Using an image of the hare in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, I created ten different designs out of the shapes found in the drawing. The picture above is my final version on a piece of Bristol paper.