The Learning Process (Journal Entry # 5)

Feedback written on chalkboard

Throughout the course of this internship, I have tried to better my skills as a designer. I believe that, my strengths are in the following areas: research, conceptualization, typographic design, color theory, teamwork, and leadership. Furthermore, since my focus is in Advertising and Graphic Design, I have a proficient knowledge of print and digital layouts. Though I have these skills, this internship was a totally different experience for me. As a student, my professors accustomed me to receiving feedback on my work. After I submitted my first project, I automatically expected criticism or possibly some praise from my supervisor. When I had not heard from her, I started to worry. I shared my concerns with my professor, and it was then that I learned that feedback in the job place is a no-no. The next day, I reviewed my work and realized that I had done everything wrong. Following my research, I restructured my assignment and I sent it once again. That same day, my supervisor emailed me and told me that the company only uses black and white. With this new information in mind, I searched for ways to implement this color palette and was able to send her the finalized project the next day.