COMD 1123 (Foundation Drawing)


Perspective Drawings

Two-point perspective drawing One-point perspective drawing

For this project, I had to use my knowledge of drawing in perspective to create a city. In order to create a perspective drawing, the first thing you need to draw is your horizon line. If you’re interested in drawing in a two-point perspective, you draw a vertical line near/above/below the horizon. Once you have the vertical line, draw a line from the top /bottom of the vertical line to your vanishing points located on either side of the horizon line. To determine the width of your building draw a line vertically through the path towards the vanishing point.

Drawing in one-point perspective involves similar steps, but instead of starting with a vertical line, you draw your shape (in this case a box) and draw a line from the shape’s corner to the vanishing point.


Isometric drawing of car

Isometric drawing of car

For this project, I had to use the techniques I learned previously, such as drawing a cube in an angled position and adding/ subtracting from the cube, to draw an accurate interpretation of my car. Once I drew the basic shape of the car for the isometric drawing, I added the minor details.

Finally, for the Orthographic drawing, I had to draw the frontal, side, top, bottom and back perspectives.