Taking the First Step (Journal Entry #3)

Woman working remotely


I applied to various internships on Chegg, LinkedIn, InDeed and our School’s internship course site. I also updated and revised my resume and modernized its content. I had put in so much effort, but unfortunately, I saw no results. It was the week before the course started and I still had no internship. I started worrying. I felt as if my work was not good enough and my self-esteem hit rock bottom. But I knew that I needed to do something and fast. So, I did what was logical, I reached out to my professor. She informed me of two positions: A graphics internship at VRR Media Productions and a graphic designer at a newspaper company. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I applied to both positions. The next day, I heard from VRR’s supervisor and she scheduled an interview with me over the phone. When the interview came, I tried answering all the questions to the best of my ability and, for the Glory of God, at the end of the interview, she told me that I got the job!