Self-Evaluation (Journal Entry # 7)

Checklist with Emotions


As I reflect upon my experience in this internship, I can say that I learned a couple of things. If it were not for this internship, I may not have done in-depth research and self-taught sessions on motion graphics. Furthermore, if I had not learned the proper format for my social media project, I would have submitted an assignment on time that looked good but would have had no function at all. The main skill I learned in this internship is how to be more independent. I have always had good time management, I work well on teams, I have experience as a leader (thank God), but I did not have any experience in the design field. I always thought that my job would be like the classes I have taken. But I am truly glad on the way things turned out. It was through my supervisor’s assignments that I truly learned how to depend on the skills I have learned at City Tech. I may never go into motion graphics, but I am truly glad to have gained new experience from this tremendous opportunity.