Lucie Mingla | Section OL92 | Semester: Fall 2020

Author: Lucie Mingla

Working on TI Calculator


  1. Watch videos in the course hub for Lesson 4.
  2. Work on the slides posted along with the calculator to practice it.
  3. Do the last slide example 4.8 as an assignment by taking screenshots of your calculator as you are working.
  4. Save the screenshots as only one pdf and share it here.
  5. You can work in groups and post only one per group.
This is the Example that you will post the work for

Create 7 groups of 5 students here

As we have discussed in class we will create groups that will function throughout the semester. You can choose which group you want to be part of. After introducing yourself and share your majors and other common strengths and weaknesses, you may be aware of who you want to work with. Remember, our diversity is our best strength. As groupmates, you will choose a leader that will communicate directly and deliver some of the instructions from the Professor. Also, the leader will be monitoring meetings and communications. Once the groups are created, you will vote for the leader.

As a group, you will help out each other to stay on track for doing the assignments, reviewing, do the group discussions about any issues that anyone is facing, practice for exams, working on technology matters especially navigating course sites, submitting the assessments, and assignments appropriately, responding to the Professors’ instructions adequately and appropriately, using TI 84 calculator, etc. I hope that choosing who to work with and share what matters will give you some ownership and sense of belonging.

Another important task that you will be working together is the group research-based project. As you know from the syllabus that will be a STEM application and it will weigh 10% of your final grade. You will be given ten topics that I will select from the course and you will choose one to work with your group. Each group must have a different topic from others. So there will be seven groups of 5 students and ten topics to choose from. Hurry up to choose your favorite before it is taken!!

Setting up the groups Mat 1375 OL92

Group 1

1Brian Santiago
2Javier Inga
3Peter Cortorreal
4Joanna Quizhpe 
5Celia Orozco

Group 2

1Adienekie Mayne
2Kristen Clarke
3Shuhanul Islam
4Margarita Perez
5Huzaifa Riaz

Group 3

1Chandradat Basdeo
2Jeremy wright
3Ashton Anderson
4Jacob Abou Galala
5Alysse Cora

Group 4

1Victor Charles
2Frederick Miguel De Leon 
3Diana Gil
4KC Rampersad
5Kenny Uruchima

Group 5

1Paola Guzman
2Kayla Washington
3Md Arifuzzaman Rifat
4Andre satahoo
5David Beauge

Group 6

1Maiya George
3Marcus natalio 
4Shqipe Kaziu

Group 7

1Tieren Thorne
2Ulises Salmon
3Ethan Mau
4Sean Suarez
5Yihua lu