Hi everyone! Read through the material below, watch the videos, and follow up with your instructor if you have questions.

Session 4: Introduction to the TI-84

Topic. This lesson covers Session 4: Introduction to the TI-84

Learning Outcomes.

  • Graph functions and choose an appropriate window
  • Find zeros, maxima and minima

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Additional Video Resources.

Learning to use the TI-84 Calculator

The TI-84 is a complex calculator, but you can accomplish a great deal by learning just a few different tools and techniques.

Texas Instruments recommends this tutorial by Hoonuit for learning to use the calculator. There are short videos on many different topics – some important ones are:

With your calculator in hand, please take a look at the tutorial videos, and read through Session 4: Introduction to the TI-84 in the textbook. Follow along with your own calculator!