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Assignment 1: Introduce yourselfInclude in your introduction:

1.Your Name and how you prefer to be called.

2. Your major and your interests related to your profession.

3. Your view and experience in learning mathematics.

4. State two major things that you want to see and experience in this course.

5. State two things that you think you need help with the most.


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Finalizing Research-Based Group Project

1) Project Task

Title of the Project:

Using Precalculus concepts and knowledge for solving real-life problems.

Goal: Connecting the real-life applications (STEM) with the topics and concepts learned in class. More specifically, using  Precalculus Course concepts to solve real-life problems (Especially those that are related to concepts listed here:

Topics to choose from:

1. Functions by Formulas and Graphs

2. Polynomial and Rational Inequalities 

3. Operations on Functions 

4. The Inverse of a Function

5. Rational Functions

6. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

7. Applications of Exp and Log

8. Half-life and Compound Interest

9. Trigonometric Functions

10. Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Description: Based on the examples given in the pdf file in OpenLab with title and the video look for your own Real-Life application:

Links to explore and the project task:








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b) Watch the video with the link as an example of real-life applications:


c) Do your own online research.

You are expected to:

    • Pick your own Real-Life application related to your group and topic selected.
    • Describe the application and the use of formulas, theory, and procedures in that application.
    • Research and do your project by solving one problem or answering at least one question that is related to the application of the topic selected.
    • Prepare your project in PowerPoint or Video, and be ready to present it to class on the last 2 sessions related to the selected unit which will be announced in specifics later. 
    • Groups that have picked any of the topics 1-5 will present on Monday, December 7, 2020;
    • Groups that have picked any of the topics 6-10 will present on Wednesday, December 9, 2020 
    • You can work in groups of five students.
    • You can also prepare your presentation as a video and upload it here to share it with the whole class. Be prepared to answer any questions that your classmates may have related to your presentation.    
    • You will evaluate each other within the group and other groups. 
    • You will submit your project here and in Open Lab on our course site.
    •   Every student with submit the individual evaluation for group-mates
    • Every group will submit the evaluation for each group in the same document (only one per group)
    • The evaluation should be focused on the rubric and address two best things and two things that need improvement for each.
    • (you can grade in % each other and the other groups based on the rubric and performance)

The PowerPoint or Video should include: At least:

    1. Five slides of PowerPoint or pages.
    2.  One picture or short gif of the application,
    3.  The theory of the application (interpretation).
    4. The goal for choosing it as an application over infinitely many applications out there.
    5.  The question or the problem that you want to solve.
    6.  The tools that you are using to achieve that goal. (for measuring, observing, etc).
    7.  Show a clear procedure of your researching and solving the problem
    8.  Upload your application on the OpenLab class site to share with others.
    9. Present to the class in a clear manner and be ready to answer any questions.

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