Lucie Mingla | Section OL92 | Semester: Fall 2020

Discussion: Introductions & Mathography

Your first OpenLab Discussion assignment is to introduce yourself to your classmates.  This assignment is due Monday, August 31, at the start of class. Late submissions will receive partial credit.

Assignment. Add a comment in reply to this post introducing yourself to the class.  Your comment should be at least 2 paragraphs in length.  In the first paragraph, introduce yourself in whatever way you wish. You could include your academic interests, why you chose your major, what you enjoy reading, listening to, watching, and doing in your spare time, or anything else you want to share (include your pronouns, if you wish).  In the second paragraph, choose ONE of the following two topics and write a response. Don’t forget to tell us which topic you chose.

Topics (choose ONE). Please make sure your profile has a picture, so the others know you.

  1. Was math ever your favorite subject? If so, when was it? What about math made it your favorite? If math has never been your favorite subject, what about it do you not like?
  2. Sometimes people can recognize a time when their opinion of math dramatically changed either for the better or the worse. Tell us about it.

Extra Credit. Get to know your classmates! For extra credit, write a response to one of your classmates’ comments. Do you feel the same? Did you learn anything? Do you have any advice? Be kind.


  1. Brian Santiago

    Hello! My name is Brian Santiago. I’ve attended college for way too long now (6 years) due to being on an off for reasons. I’m almost done with classes however and hopefully will be graduating next year. I major in CST and hope to get into the cyber security field. Some hobbies I enjoy are video games, playing guitar, annoying my sister, exploring the city, and attending rock concerts. I also listen to a lot of music. I also work a part time job at a pharmacy as a technician and drive around making deliveries with Instacart or Postmates.
    So although I feel that math is my least favorite subject I recognize that the only way i feel like that is because I don’t really practice it enough to really grasp it and know it efficiently enough. I believe people who enjoy math and consider it their favorite is because they practice it enough and are good at it. Some people are quicker to grasp the concepts than others are as well and in my case I’m a bit of a slow learner. So my opinion of math changes depending on the subject at hand, whether I’m good at it or not. I used to like trigonometry in high school because I understood it and could do it. Now I’ve forgotten a lot of it so its tough and not as enjoyable haha.

    • Lucie Mingla

      I am glad that you are really reflecting on your past. Every great thing comes with effort and dedication.
      I believe that you will do great. Just practice as you mentioned.
      Here is a helpful link for review to my Math 1275 OER course

    • Shuhanul Islam

      Yes I recognize this within me as well. I understand it will just have to take us to practice and grasp a bit better to be better at math.

  2. Jacob Abou Galala

    Hello my name is Jacob Abou Galala. I’m a Computer Engineering Technology major. I love watching anime, playing video games, sports, music, art, and working out.
    I chose this major because I’ve always wanted to be a robotics engineer.
    There were times where I despised math and loved it at the same time. There were areas that I’m stronger in and that I’m weaker at.
    I was stronger in Algebra and Precalculus and Weaker at Geometry and Trigonometry.
    I’d say that I’m in an intermediate level in terms of my math skills.

    • Lucie Mingla

      It seems that you have good fundamentals, so let’s get to work!

  3. Diana

    Hi my name is Diana. I am majoring in biomedical informatics I chose this because I am interested in helping out people and improving their health. My favorite book is the awakening, I enjoy reading, working with little kids and helping out others when they need help.

    Math was my favorite subject during high school. Algebra one and two was my favorite because it wasn’t hard. And I really enjoyed the class. Also because my teachers taught every concept well enough for me to understand.

    • Lucie Mingla

      I am grateful that you are interested in helping people.I also am glad that you have good foundation that helps for building deeper conceptual understanding in mathematics.

  4. David Beauge

    My name is David Beauge and I’m a Computer Systems Technology major. I chose my major because it seemed like the obvious next step after building my first gaming pc. Besides games I like animation, martial arts, music, and occasionally I read.

    Math has never been my favorite subject. It’s always been hit or miss with me. My enjoyment depends on the topic and the enthusiasm of the instructor. My hope is that this new experience can help change that.

    • Lucie Mingla

      Let’s make it a fun math experience and you may teach us how to build the games.
      I’m sure you will bring a great experience when we do the project.

  5. KC

    My name is KC Rampersad. I’m a sophomore at City Tech. I’m a mechanical engineering technology major. I plan to become an avionics technician in the near future. My favorite things are music and art. My favorite subjects have always been liberal art related since I’m more of a creative spirit.

    I’ve never been a fan of Math. Math was always my least favorite subject, purely because it never stuck with me. I struggle with retaining knowledge of formulas and definitions, therefore, I could never see the appeal of math. I don’t like being forced to remember material, which is something that Math causes me to do often. However, I’m willing to give math a fair chance. Hopefully, I can succeed in this class and understand the material.

    • Lucie Mingla

      Thank you for the honesty KC Rampersad. I am a person that doesn’t like to be forced to memorize.
      It is important that you see the connections and the logical reasoning in things. That is how you learn better.
      I will use approaches that will help you succeed.

  6. Ethan Mau

    Hello, my name is Ethan Mau and I am majoring in Computer Information Systems. My hobbies are playing videogames, music, running/biking, I also spend time on online forums, just browsing interesting threads.
    Math was my favorite subject back in elementary school, but that was only because the class was easy for me. When the class started requiring critical thinking, I began to dislike the subject more and more, and the flurry of impossibly difficult to work with teachers did not help. The teachers that refused to work any other way, or refused to explain the topic any other way, got disrespectful to a student that was just asking for help and didnt understand. I did not do well either, ignoring homeworks, failing tests, not caring about the subject. In college, so far it was been well because I have the choice on whether i want to drop a professor or not because they dont teach, they just “profess”

    • Lucie Mingla

      Hi Ethan,
      I am sorry that you have experienced these kind of issues in the past with learning mathematics. It should never be disrespect towards anyone when they need help and ask questions. I do believe that the teacher (Professor)leads the way and shapes learning. However, I am going to be honest with you. Mathematics needs consistency in processing things and practicing. There are many reasons for which students start disliking math, but the main one is failing to keep up with the work.I hope this will help.

  7. Frederick De Leon

    Hello my name is Frederick De Leon, I’m a sophomore at City Tech. I’m majoring in computer engineering technology. I’m planning to become a computer engineer. Some of my interests are video games, animation, history and cartography.

    I don’t think I’ve ever thought of math as my favorite subject, I think I’ve had trouble with it lately because of the increasing difficulty of the math and my not being used to studying.

    • Lucie Mingla

      I don’t think I can say it any better than you did:
      “I think I’ve had trouble with it lately because of the increasing difficulty of the math and my not being used to studying”.
      Your reflection is right on point. So, just keep working!!

  8. Ashton

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Ashton Anderson am i am a CST major on the software development track. I first stated off at queens-borough then i transferred here about 2 years ago. and i am graduating next year. My hobbies include photography and basketball.

    I have never been a fan of math but i tolerate it because i have to learn it. It was never my favorite subject because i still sometimes have difficulties with it. however i do feel it is important to learn because it can be useful for so many jobs. I never liked it because i always thought it was hard and i would often get confused and lose track of whats going on. Depening on the topic i can have an easy time understanding a concept or hard time. however i will put in the time needed to get through this course.

    • Lucie Mingla

      Everyone has strengths and weaknesses in different areas. The point here is that we need to work in the areas of weaknesses more, to get better at them. You got this. I like “i will put in the time needed to get through this course.”.

  9. Shuhanul Islam

    Hi, I am Shuhanul Islam. Everyone usually calls me Shu since its easier. I am currently majoring in Computer Information Sysyems while working part time in the IT field. After this semester I will get my associates then will pursue bachalors. I also have two IT certifications already. I like to play video games on my free time and my hobbies include photography, learning about philosophy, politics, and religions. I do like to debate about religions sometimes as well. My outdoor activities include hanging out with friends and getting put of my cumfort zone to talk to new ppl and get better at social things.

    My opinion on math hasn’t changed much. I think its very important. But I also feel like it should optional to a certain degree. I really suck at math, I am probably worse than a 5th grader at math and even though i work in IT it doesn’t require me to do too much math. So my opinion on math teaching it in schools should be optional in the sense that everyone is mandatory to take it but if one fails it shouldn’t effect their grade or even to be more fair after the 2nd or maybe or 3rd time of taking math and one still fails somehow, it shouldnt cou t towards grades. While people that do good in math would have boosted grades. I think this is a bit better for ermine since not eveyone is good at math but eveyone should have the chance to try it out to see if they are good at it since math is vital to learn in certain careers that can help civilization.

    • Lucie Mingla

      Mindset is very important in order to do something and succeed.
      Mathematics is everywhere, and you do need it.
      I will make connections that will make that clear to you, but you need to think about it and search for it as well.

  10. DePaul

    My name is DePaul. I am a Computer Systems Technology major. I enjoy exploring the city and bike riding on my free time. I also like to play video games and watch sports.

    My favorite subject was math growing up. I always seemed to understand what was going on and didn’t really have trouble with it like others did but as it continued to get harder I started to struggle as well with remember all the formulas and topics but I am hoping to do well in this class.

    • Lucie Mingla

      Everything in a higher level becomes more difficult. But, with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

  11. vCharles

    Hello everyone! I’m Victor Charles, a sophomore Computer Engineering major looking to break into the future history books of the computing and tech world; or at least be of some service to society with my skills. I’ve been programming since nine, and can say I know a thing or two about software. I’m a CE major because I need practical experience and knowledge with the hardware aspects of computers for the tech industry. I got into programming due to my limited skill at video games, and needed easy ways to win without investing time into games themselves; so I chose to invest (more) time learning to code and hack instead. I was drawn to the craft, aquired interest in applying my skills further, and grew a greater respect for computing and how it changed the globe. When I’m not deciphering my nine-year-old self’s path of logic justifying the ease of programming over playing video games, I’ll spend my free time playing video games, watching anime or youtube videos, reading the news or books on economics, metaphysics, or some other science, programming, and critiquing all those things.

    Despite math being a huge part of my upbringing and future, it was never my best subject. Science and English have always been my better subjects, however, Science held much more of my interest. I love Science because it allows us to theorize about, manipulate, and understand the world more effectively, as well as allows me to explain many situations both through language and through math. My biggest issue with math was remembering certain formulas or functions and their names because I’d only use them to solve problems on a worksheet, which is boring. With science and programming, I retain their mathematical concepts because the math and data are tied to something I can visualize and tangibly do; so I hope with this course I can ascertain the math better and can get invested in it.

    • Lucie Mingla

      As you mentioned math is connected to real-life applications.
      That is what makes it necessary to learn about it.
      As per the formulas concerns, it comes naturally that you learn them as you apply them.
      Practice makes perfect!!

  12. Sean Suarez

    Hello, my name is Sean Suarez. I recently graduated high school back in June. I am majoring in mechanical engineering, specifically a program called BTECH engineering. I like listening to different genres of music such as rap, hip hop, and reggaeton. In my spare time I like to watch anime or play video games.

    Math has always been one of my favorite subjects, even though I’m not a professional at it, I still enjoy learning new math topics. I like math because there are different ways to go about solving a problem. I understand some math can be hard and confusing, but when you learn how to actually solve problems proficiently, it feels so rewarding.

    • Lucie Mingla

      To be a professional in mathematics, you need a degree in mathematics, like in any other profession.
      In this class, you will learn as much as precalculus offers even more if you wish.
      So, you’re moving up in mathematics levels. It is rewarding!!

  13. Kayla Washington

    My name is Kayla and I’m a sophomore at City Tech. I have a background in computer science although I’m hoping to join the dental hygiene program. I have many hobbies but my most active one being music (violin and electric guitar). But I also enjoy volleyball, I played in high school, watching anime, and drawing. I like all kinds of music and I like to read classic novels.
    I actually really like math, I was set to take BC calc senior year but I got passive. I like math’s consistency and how there aren’t several right answers. In my opinion math is pretty straightforward and it just building off of basics. Also since I studied computer science, its theory was easily supported by theories in math and physics so I like that there was some actual real-life application in using algorithmic solutions. I’m excited to take this course seeing as it’s been a while since I’ve taken a math course. Thanks for having me!

    • Lucie Mingla

      Consistency is a keyword here, and I think the key to success.
      Keep working!

  14. Marcus Natalio

    yeah hi, my name is Marcus this is my first year of college. I’m a pretty chill person going for a architecture technology degree but i might change it who knows. first year of college exciting cant wait to meet new people and pass all my classes. i like music, cartoons/anime, good memes, pizza and i’m a bit of a gamer.

    my background with math i can say that it if i get it or not really depends on the way the teacher teaches the math. plotting stuff in to formulas and and making graphs are fun.however no mater what once circles come in to the equation is when i would stop enjoying it. they can be very confusing but other then that its fun

    • Lucie Mingla

      Take a little tour on circles! I am sure you will do better after this.

  15. Keenan

    hello my name is Keenan, my major is computer systems . my academic interests include English and history. on a daily basis I listen to at least one new album everyday , I deeply enjoy music as a main activity for myself discovering new albums , as I envelope myself in a artist story. i typically do not watch too much new shows I’m a nostalgia addict i can admit, but i always take recommendations for shows but never watch them; i can honestly enjoy the same shows for a really long time.
    Math was average subject for me overall. in Highschool I was in the honors/AP math classes but as soon as i saw trigonometry and calculus that’s is where my enjoyment ceased. now math is a subject that i push myself to do just to get a credit. math became very tedious for me but once i grasp the fundamentals i can hopefully complete the equation.

    • Lucie Mingla

      Keep in mind that you do better when you enjoy doing something. So, I hope you will do well!

  16. Huzaifa Riaz

    My name is Huzaifa, and I’m a sophomore at City Tech. My background doesn’t consist of much but I did at one point wanted to go towards Dental Programs, but eventually I took a year deciding while I was in college what I really wanted to do. So now I’m going towards Civil Engineering, and of course this class is on the list of classes needed for those programs, So I’m happy to be in this class and I’m confident that I’ll do good and also eventually I do wanna transfer to City College, as I wanna be in a more open program for Civil Engineering rather then just Technology. Thanks for having me Professor.

    • Lucie Mingla

      Great! I will help all of you out shape your vision in a sharper and smarter way.

  17. rooftop1

    good night i am trying to figure out how to get help with math 1375 online because i am not sure how to express the answer in interval notation. everything is now online an i am not sure how to go about getting help?

    • Lucie Mingla

      I always ask at the end of every session for any individual questions, so you should take advantage of that.
      Also, my office hour is posted on this website on the right upper corner on every page. Please stay at the end of the next session, so I can guide you further.

  18. rooftop1

    this is an example of the problem that we have to do:

    State your answer in interval notation.
    You can use “inf” and “-inf” for ∞ and −∞.
    Use the union operator “U” to describe intervals with separate regions.
    If the inequality is true for all real numbers, use “R” to represent “all real numbers”.
    If the inequality is never true, use “{}” or “Empty Set” (case-sensitive) to represent “no solutions”.
    |x−1|>8 is true on the interval
    |x−6|<6 is true on the interval
    |x−9|≤15 is true on the interval
    |x−16|≥28 is true on the interval
    |x+15|<89 is true on the interval

    • Lucie Mingla

      Since you need help, we will talk about this in class.

  19. Alysse Cora

    My name is Alysse Cora. I am a freshman at City Tech and I am majoring in architecture technology. I am a very hard working student who is determined to succeed. Since middle school, I wanted to do architecture and so went a high school so I can study the basics for four years. I am an athlete and my favorite sport to play is volleyball so I pride myself on exercising and being healthy. My other hobbies include music,drawing, and painting. I draw and paint about whatever comes to mind or whatever is around me. I like to watch cartoons and listening to rap music. My greatest values are my family, religion, and my education which I take very seriously.

    Math has always been my worse subject. No matter how hard I study I can never get the grades I want, but I have never failed a math class because I always keep trying. However, I don’t hate math because the concepts taught in this subject are very important for daily life. The one thing that I don’t like about math is the amount of formulas and rules you have to memorize. I have trouble remembering things so in this area of math I have always struggled with the most. This year I am determined to do well at math.

  20. andre satahoo

    Hi, my name is Andre and I’m a freshman in City tech. My major is Electrical engineering and I choose this as my major because have a little experience from a trade school that I’ve attended while I was in high school. I like to listen to music while I’m work and I also enjoy playing baseball too. I’m good at working with my hands so electrical is basically a fun job for me.
    Math has always been my favorite subject every since second grade. It’s my favorite subject because it challenges my mind and it has a lot to do with calculating money. I love money so I always tell myself that if I don’t know math i can’t saved money and i will be robbed when I’m doing business.

  21. shqipe kaziu

    Hi my name is Shqipe Kaziu, I am a junior at citytech and im major is bachelors in science, with possibilty of applying for the nursing program. I enjoy in my free time exploring the out doors and looking for new adventures and places, but of course I love shopping too. I loved math when growing up going to school but then I started to find it difficult in ways i was taught, both good and bad experiences. Hopefully I will have a better experience and start to enjoy the subject again.

    • Lucie Mingla

      I am sure you will enjoy math again.
      Stay on track!

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