MAT 1275 CO Syllabus With Links to Videos

MAT 1275 CO College Algebra and Trigonometry

Text: McGraw-Hill Custom Textbook containing material from Intermediate Algebra, 5th ed., by Miller, O’Neill, and Hyde (Sessions 1-21 and 34-37) and Trigonometry, 2nd ed., by Coburn (Sessions 22-33).    

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ClassLessonSectionWeBWorK SetVideo Resources
1Lines review:

- Equations: slope-intercept and point-slope

- Slope formula and intercepts

- Parallel and perpendicular through points

- Graphing
2.1, p.128-137, Ex. 1-6, 8,9

2.2, p.145-151, Ex. 2-7

2.3, p.157-160, Ex. 1-3

2.3, p.160-164, Ex. 4-8

22-D systems of equations

Substitution and elimination
3.2, p.246-249, Ex. 1-3

3.3, p.253-257, Ex. 1, 2, 5

3.4, p.261-265, Ex. 1, 2, 4,5

Applications of systems of linear
equations in two variables
LinearSystems2-D linear systems
33-D systems of equations3.6, p.283-2893×3-Systems3-D linear systems
4GCF factoring and factoring by grouping4.4, p.350-354, Ex. 1-3

4.5, p.360-364, Ex. 1-5
GCF-GroupingFactoring out the GCF

Factoring by grouping
5Difference of squares and ac-method4.6, p.368-377, Ex. 1-9

4.7, p.382-383, Ex. 1-3

Difference of squares
6Solving equations by using the zero product rule4.8, p.394-399, skip Ex.2ZeroProductPropertyZero product property and solving quadratic equations by factoring
7Square root property and completing the square7.1, p.582-587, Ex. 1-3SquareRootPropertyThe square root property
8Quadratic formula7.2, p.592-602, Ex. 1, 3, 8
(derive the quadratic formula)
QuadraticFormulaThe quadratic formula
9Complex numbers6.8, p.556-563ComplexNumbersComplex numbers
10Graphs of quadratic functions

Vertex formula and standard form
7.4, p.612-620

7.5, p.626-630


Graphs of quadratic functions

Shifting parabolas
11Distance formula (Pythagorean Theorem)

Midpoint formula

Circles (complete the square and standard form)
9.1, p.754-759DistanceFormula

Pythagorean Theorem

Distance formula

Midpoint formula

12Nonlinear systems of equations in two variables9.4, p.784-788NonLinearSystemsNonlinear systems of equations
13Addition and subtraction of rational expressions

Multiplication and division of rational expressions
5.1, p.422-428, Ex. 3, 4, 6

5.2, p.432-434, Ex. 1-3

5.3, p.437-444, Ex. 1-9


Adding and subtracting rational expressions

Multiplying and dividing rational expressions
14Complex fractions5.4, p.447-452ComplexFractions-Method1

Complex fractions
15Solving rational equations5.5, pages 454-460FractionalEquationsSolving rational equations
16Properties of integer exponents4.1, p.320-324, Ex. 1-7IntegerExponentsInteger exponents

Rational exponents
6.1, p.496-502

6.2, p.508-512


Rational exponents and radicals
18Simplifying radical expressions

Addition and subtraction of radicals
6.3, p.515-519, Ex. 1, 3, 4,6, 7 (only examples with square roots)

6.4, p.522-525, Ex. 1-4 (only examples with square roots)

Roots and radicals
19Multiplication and division of radicals6.5, p.528-532, Ex. 1-7 (only examples with square roots)MultiplyRadicalsMultiplication of radicals
20Operations on complex numbers and rationalization6.6, p.536-543, Ex. 1, 3,5, 7-9 (only examples with square roots)RationalizeDenominators

Division of radicals and rationalization
21Solving radical equations6.7, p.546-549, Ex. 1, 4RadicalEquationsSolving radical equations
22Angle measure

Similar triangles and proportions
1.1, p.2-6

2.1, p.46-50
Angle measures
23Special triangles1.1, p.2-6SpecialTrianglesSpecial triangles
24Trigonometric ratios of right triangles2.2, p.54-56TrigonometryRatiosTrigonometry of right triangles
25Inverse trigonometric functions2.2, p.54-56SolvingRightTriangles-InverseTrigInverse trigonometric functions
26Solving right triangles

2.3, p.63-66SolvingRightTrianglesSolving right triangles
27Angle measure in radian

Trigonometry and the coordinate plane
3.1, p.90-93

1.3, p.22-27

Angle measure in radians
28Unit circles3.3, p.108-113UnitCircleUnit circle
29Graphs of the sine and cosine functions4.1, p.134-144

4.2, p.153-159
GraphingSineCosineGraphs of sine and cosine
30Fundamental identities

Proving trig tautologies
1.4, p.31-35

5.1, p.212-214
Pythagorean identity (The fundamental identity of trigonometry)
31Trigonometric equations6.3, p.284-290TrigEquationsTrigonometric equations
32Law of sines7.1, p.316-322LawOfSinesLaw of sines
33Law of cosines7.2, p.329-332LawOfCosinesLaw of cosines
34Exponential functions8.3.1, 8.3.2, 8.3.4, p.680-686ExponentialFunctionsExponential functions
35Logarithmic functions8.4, p.690-693, and Ex.8, 9LogarithmicFunctionsLogarithmic functions
36Properties of logarithms

Compound interest
8.5, p.704-709

8.6, p.712-715 (skip Ex.3)
LogarithmicPropertiesProperties of logarithms

Compound interest
37Exponential equations

Applications to compound interest, population growth
8.7, p.726-734ExponentialEquations


Exponential equations
Final exam reviewSelected final exam review questions