Graphs of Sine, Cosine, and Tangent

Graphs of Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Functions

  1. \rhd Graph of y = \sin(x) (9:22)
    Includes finding the domain and range of the sine function.
  2.  \rhd Graph of y = \tan(x) (10:15)
    Shows how to graph the tangent function from the unit circle
  3.  \rhd At how many points do \sin(x) and \cos(x) intersect in the interval 0 \leq x \leq 2\pi. (11:06)
  4.  \rhd  Features of sinusoidal graphs (4:56)  Information on finding amplitude and midline of sinusoidal functions
  5. \star Gaining information from the formula for a trigonometric function, namely finding the equation for the midline of y = -4 \sin(2x-7) +3.
  6. \star Find the period of a sinusoidal function from the graph.
  7. \rhd Transforming sinusoidal graphs: vertical stretch and horizontal reflection (12:52)  Sal graphs y = 2 \sin(-x).
  8. \rhd Constructing equations for trigonometric functions from a graph (5:22)
    Sal constructs the equation for a sinusoidal function from the graph, a minimum point (-2,-5) and a maximum point (2, 1).

Note that on the same page as the last video is a sequence of videos on modeling with trig functions.  (Think word problems.)  You might want to watch them now or in the future, as such problems often cause students more fear than they need to.