Pythagorean Theorem

In case you don’t know or have forgotten the Pythagorean Theorem, here is some information for you!

  1.  \rhd Intro to the Pythagorean Theorem I (10:45)  Introduces terms like right angle and hypotenuse, and finds the hypotenuse of a triangle whose shorter sides have lengths 3 and 4.    He also solves for one of the sides of a right triangle when one side has length 6 and the hypotenuse has length 12.
  2.  \rhd Intro to the Pythagorean Theorem II (13:03)  Similar to the video above, with more examples and also with how to use a TI graphing calculator compute the relevant square roots.
  3.  \rhd Pythagorean Theorem Word Problem–fishing boat (4:32)  A word problem!  Helpful for learning to draw a picture.
  4.  \rhd Pythagorean Theorem Example (4:17) Finds the height of a right triangle with base of length 9 and hypotenuse of length 14.
  5. \rhd Pythagorean Theorem Example (carpet) (2:59)  Given the length of a carpet is 7 feet and the diagonal measure \sqrt{74} feet, find the width of the carpet.
  6. \star Find the leg or hypotenuse of a right triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem