Angle Measure in Radian

  1.  \rhd Introduction to radians (10:51)This video explains the definition and motivation for radians and the relationship between radians and degrees, including the identities by which we can convert between radians and degrees.
  2.  \rhd Radians and degrees (7:12)Sal discusses the general approach to converting between radians and degrees and vice versa.  Describes identities, then converts 30 degrees to radians — including nice explanation of unit conversion.Also converts 45 degrees to radians and -\frac{\pi}{2} radians to degrees.
  3.  \rhd Converting degrees to radians (7:01)This video shows how to convert the degree measures 150° and -45° to radians.
  4.  \rhd Converting radians to degrees (3:19)
    Converts \pi and -\frac{\pi}{3} radians to degrees.
  5.  \star Converting from radians to degrees and visa versa
    Assorted example problems
  6.  \rhd Radians and Quandrants (3:51)
    This video show how to find the quandrant in which a ray formed by rotation of \theta radians lies.Examples: \frac{3\pi}{5}, \frac{2\pi}{7}, 3 radians.