WebWork schedule:

  • Polynomials-Factor Trinomials AC Method – due Tues Feb 27 (Sec 1.2.7)
  • Polynomials-Divide Polynomials – due Thurs Feb 29 (Sec 1.2.5)
  • Rational Expressions-Simplifying – due Thurs Feb 29 (Sec 1.3.2)
  • Expressions-Multiplying and Dividing – due Mon March 4 (also Sec 1.3.2)

We will have a quiz this Wed (Feb 28), which will cover factoring polynomials, including the ac-method (i.e., the material we covered last week).


We continued with simplifying rational expressions–applying the strategy of factoring the polynomials in the numerator and denominator and then cancelling common factors:

For the example above, we introduced one of the special products–factoring a “difference of two squares”:

We then moved on to multiplying and dividing rational expressions–for which we use the same strategy of factoring and cancelling common factors. We started with a quick review of multiplying and dividing rational numbers:

We went through an example from the textbook:

We also went through some examples from the WebWork:

For dividing, we use “keep-change-flip”:

As you can see, the key to all these exercises is being able to factor polynomials!