In order to review the topics that were on Exam #2, and to give you a chance to improve your exam score, I am giving a series of make-up exam exercises that you can use to replace some of your Exam #2 scores. The first two last week were on the quadratic formula and then multiplication/division of complex numbers (similar to #5 on Exam #2); the next one on Monday (May 8) will be on complex fractions (#4 on Exam #2). The Exam #2 solutions are available on OpenLab Files.

I have reopened the relevant WebWork sets so that you can complete those exercises if you didn’t previously. I have also extended some other open sets until Wed May 15:


  • Quadratic Equations-Quadratic Formula – due Wed May 15
  • ComplexNumbers – due Wed May 15
  • Rational Expressions-Complex Fractions 1 – due Wed May 15
  • Rational Expressions-Complex Fractions 2 – due Wed May 15
  • Graphs-Graphs of Quadratic Equations – due Wed May 15
  • Trigonometry-Right Triangles Trigonometric Ratios – due Mon May 20
  • Trigonometry-Coordinate Plane Unit Circle – due Mon May 20

Exam #3 will be consists of (a) a set of take-home exercises, to be handed out Wed May 15, and (b) a set of in-class exercises on Mon May 20, when the take-home exercises will also be collected. The final exam is on Wed May 22.


We did additional exercises from the Final Exam Review on: (1) an equation of a circle and (2) a system of nonlinear equations. Both of these topics will be on Exam #3:

We then covered the two “special right triangles” (“30-60-90” and “45-45-90”) and did some of the WebWork exercises that use these:

#11 from “Right Triangles Trigonometric Ratios”:

We then introduced “trig in the coordinate plane” and did a WebWork exercise from “Trigonometry-Coordinate Plane Unit Circle”: