The final exam is on Wednesday, during the usual class time. Here is a list of topics/exercises that will be on the final exam, listed according to the exercises on the Final Exam Review sheet. To prepare for the final, please review Exams #2 and #3, since the final exam exercises will be very similar to those exam exercises. The exam solutions at OpenLab Files.

The following WebWork sets will be open until Wednesday–these contain exercises relevant for for the final exam:

  • Quadratic Equations-Quadratic Formula
  • ComplexNumbers
  • Rational Expressions-Complex Fractions 1
  • Rational Expressions-Complex Fractions 2
  • Graphs-Graphs of Quadratic Equations
  • Trigonometry-Right Triangles Trigonometric Ratios
  • Trigonometry-Coordinate Plane Unit Circle


Besides outlining the final exam topics and taking the in-class exercises for Exam #3, we solved Final Exam Review exercises #8 and #10, on trig applications: