Instructor: Suman Ganguli

Day: February 14, 2024

Class 5 Recap (Wed Feb 13)


  • WebWork:
  • The following WebWork sets are due over the next few days–we have covered these exercises over the past couple class sessions:
    • Polynomials-Linear Expressions – due Thurs, Feb 15
    • Polynomials-Evaluate Add Subtract Polynomials – due Thurs, Feb 15
    • Polynomials-Multiply Polynomials – due Fri Feb 16
    • Polynomials-Powers of Monomials and Binomials – due Mon Feb 19
  • Note: the college is closed next Monday, Feb 19 for President’s Day, so our next class meeting will be next Wednesday (Feb 21)


We reviewed polynomials and continued with algebraic operations involving polynomials:

We mentioned again how the graph of a quadratic polynomial is a parabola–in particular, we sketched the graph of y = x^2:

We went through a few examples of simplifying polynomial expressions via multiplying (including an example from the PatrickJMT video):

An example from the “Polynomials-Powers of Monomials/Binomials” set:

We closed with some examples of factoring polynomials by finding the GCF (greatest common factor), from the “Polynomials-GCF and Factor by Grouping” sets: