• The college is on a Monday schedule on tomorrow (Thurs Feb 22), so we will have class tomorrow
  • WebWork schedule:
    • Polynomials-Powers of Monomials and Binomials – due Wed Feb 21 (tonight)
    • Polynomials-GCF and Factor by Grouping – due Fri Feb 23 (Sec 1.2.6)
    • Polynomials-Factor Trinomials AC Method – due Tues Feb 27 (Sec 1.2.7)


We reviewed Quiz #1:

We did some WebWork exercises on “factoring by grouping” (Sec 1.2.6):

We revisited the exercises above the quiz and “reversed” them–we factored the resulting quadratics by factoring by grouping:

We then introduced the “ac-method” for factoring quadratic polynomials (ax^2 + bx + c), by first looking at the simpler case when a=1:

See Examples and in Sec 1.2.7.