Group Project

Team Members:

David Alvarado

Alexis  Shuffler


For our project, we decided  to make a photometer using arduino.  Here’s the design document:


  1. Device that measures how much light a plant needs and alerts user when perfect amount of light is reached.


This device is perfect for anyone trying to grow and maintain plants. This is good for people who are forgetful of taking care of their plants and for aid in taking care of the plants. This is a device that will be place next to or on the plants for the most specific readings and can be placed on any plant making it completely portable.


2. The idea behind how it would work would be that it would measure how       much light is needed for the plant and have a signal or some sort of alert for the user to know that plant is a perfect light levels or overstepping suitable light conditions. An interface would most likely be a light bulb that blinks in certain patterns to shows how much light is being received and how close it is to overstepping that limit. A sort of panel would be used for absorbing said light to retrieve data


And here’s our flowchart:

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