John Maeda, “Emotion”

What do you think of Maeda’s observations on simplicity and emotion?

Maeda’s observations are very interesting. I agree with when he says that emotional intelligence is now considered an important aspect for leaders and that expression of emotion is no longer considered a weakness. The way I see it, if you don’t show any emotion, that is considered a weakness. It shows that you don’t care what happens and people would walk over you like nothing. To be honest, I really didn’t get much out of this reading besides that we should express emotions through certain ways such as text and mouth to mouth.

How can designing for emotion foster engagement?

Lets say for example you have a pencil and a feather and ink. People in this generation would most likely pick up a pencil to write with because it is more familiar to use. Designing for emotion is a good way for people to become familiar with certain things.

Is there an object or design that you are attached to?

It seems that I may be attached to my phone. No matter where I am, if my phone rings or beeps or vibrates, I immediately go check it, no matter where I am. This seems to be a big problem and could probably make myself look unprofessional.


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