Noitatidem group (Ian, Remy, Rosa) post 1: Design document

Team name: Noitatidem (“noy-ta-ti-dem”)

Title of project: Proxyhealth

  • 1 Sentence Description:

Proxyhealth keeps parents up to date with immunization and the board of education’s department of health.

  • Describe the social aspect of the project- what is the reason for doing it? Is there a story behind it? How will it help people? Who is it for? Where will they experience it?:

It’s going to help kids stay healthy, parents stay in touch with their kids needs, and helps the healthcare system make money.

  • Describe the interaction model- how does it work? What is the interface like? How will people interact with it?:

If we were to make a final product, it would be an app on a smartphone. However, in the span of the semester and for the sake of simplicity, we’re just going to create a UI that looks like it could be on a smartphone, but it’ll run on a computer. Or maybe we’ll make a site that is formatted for a smart phone. But anyway, the home screen will have buttons for appointments, alerts, and history. And those tell you what your appointments, alerts, and history are.

  • Diagram- flowchart:

  • Diagram- Wireframe:

Next time!

  • Schedule- what is your plan to build the different parts of the project?:


  • Test cases- how will you plan to get feedback about your prototype? What will you need feedback on?

We know that our service would be useful if it were to be implemented in the real world. However, what we need to know is how easy it is to use. We’ll have people try it out and give us feedback on it. Responsiveness, if it’s an eyesore, what we should add, etc. We’ll give our subjects whatever platform we’ve developed for, give them a scenario, and ask them to complete a task or two.

  • Materials/budget- Do you need to use any special materials? Do you need to buy anything- hardware, software? Are there specific graphics, sound, other assets that you will need?:

Nope! Nope! Nope! We’ll probably need graphics and sound of some sort. Maybe not even sound though.

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