Persona project: Jonathan, David, Justin

Location: We went to a plaza in DUMBO.

Summary: We took a walk to the 65 cent vending machine in the DUMBO and originally had plan to observe people interacting with the vending machine but not many people did so we observed the people in the plaza. Overall we saw an interesting bunch of people in the area.


Age: 60ish
Interest: Painting and Gardening
What would they do in the area: To paint and eat
Project: Noise canceling headphones

Location: Manhattan
Interest: Volunteering
What would they do in the area: To eat and talk with his friends
Project: Sound proofing glass

Age: 50ish
Location: Brooklyn
Interest: Fashion and crafting
What would they do in the area: Go partying and drinking
Project: Heels that can go on cobber stone streets

Age: 16
Location: Queens
Interest: Tweeting and Blogging
What would they do in the area: Tweeting about her everyday life
Project: Free Wifi ( which they have)


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