Reading Assignment #2

In this reading, Bill Moggridge informs us about different research methods. He also mentions his design principle : think first about the ‘people’ part of the design. Who are the users? What do they want? I remember I watched Bill’s interview clip at the class. He said,”this is what I am really thinking : What are you thinking?”. He always considered in user’s perspective as an interactive designer. That was impressive to me. We need to discover user’s latent needs and desires by research and we should observe and go into actual situation in order to make a better design for ‘people’.

The author presents 51 ways of method to learn people. Every method looks useful to me especially flow analysis and affinity diagram. I often draw a affinity diagram whenever I need to do a brainstorming. Then, I would use ‘fly on the wall’ or ‘shadowing’ to observe what people actually do in their everyday life. Also I should ask to people then create prototype of the design and evaluate it by ‘try’ methods such as ‘scenarios / empathy tools’.

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