The Bill Moggridge “People” Analysis Traditional research methods to gauge relevance for an design. They pointed out the idea of what people say they want vs. what they actually do. There were four methodology used to acquire relevance for designs.  The first is to analyze the information you’ve collected, this stage is called Learn.  The second is to observe people to discover what they do-not what they say they do, this stage is called look.  The third is to enlist peoples participation to elicit information relevant to the project, this stage is called ask.  The forth is to create simulations and prototypes to help emphysize with people and to evaluate proposed designs, this stage is called try.  the example of the consumer compliant board board personifies this idea.  for my future project i would like to form an interactive art exhibit where the needs of the individuals becomes the main purpose goal of the art work.  for my project i would attach actually all four methodologies to produce my desired outcome.

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