Week 3 Blog Post – Ahmad Woods

The excerpt of Bill Moggridge’s “People” lists a couple of methods for figuring out how to extract information from folk from the purpose of interaction design. In the Learn section it details a couple of methods for doing such and I choose to write about the method titled Flow Analysis. From my understanding flow analysis is something I should be familiar with as I have a back ground with programming so I’m used to seeing things such as flowcharts and hierarchy charts to help me write programs and such. What these things come in handy with as I alluded too is writing programs or designing websites. A flowchart maps out how a program logically progresses step by step which really comes in handy since it helps you write a better code or even figure out how to start writing. I do believe flowcharts is related to flow analysis since it represents the flow information or activity through all phases of a system or process. So essentially I would use a flow chart for flow analysis purposes when writing a program.


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