Assignment 2- blog post

The method that I chose from the article by Bill Moggridge, is “look”. In my opinion all projects at one point or another go through a look stage in its development. Most ideas are created to solve an issue that we have. I would use the look method to identify how the issue is currently being handled and what I can do to incorporate these solutions into my project. By using the look method I an get unfiltered/unbiased information about the subject I am researching at the moment. With the nature of this information we can get a design that has not been mucked up by the personal feelings of people, which goes against the ideas of design. We aren’t trying to design something for a few people, the majority of the time the design your aiming for is meant for a broad audience.

One place were the look method can work be used to move along the design of a project is in a video games beta test. At first you would not say that that can be considered a look method, but when a developer inserts himself into the game along with the rest of the beta testers he can observes the actions and record what is going on, or the issues that the testers are running across. Using this method many bugs, can be identified immediately rather than have to wait for a bug report for one of the testers. Its also help get a general feel for the reception of the game if you have someone there able to listen in on the conversations other testers are having about the game. Then using that information they can go back and adjust according to the info they collected.


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