Alexis, Ahmad, and Remy’s Group post #1

Note: Alexis is writing his own post

We spread out between the 5th and 6th floors (Alexis was on the 3rd floor)

We saw a lot of people playing games (loudly), and a lot of people who were just on their phones or laptops, some listening to music, some typing. The person Remy talked to was having trouble getting their iPad on the City Tech network. Ahmad was on the 5th floor and what he saw mostly was people playing video games on the available tv screens that they brought from home and socializing very loudly/.The person Ahmad talked to was a girl by the name of Kalilah Baker, she says she frequents the 5th floor to hang out with her friends. One thing she would like to  change about it is the lack of space.

Persona 1: 26 years old, interested in food and cafeteria. They need a wife, kitchen, good food, tables, and space.

Persona 2: 23 years old, interested in sleeping, waiting for class, and work. They need comfortable furniture, silence, and a place to rest.

Persona 3: 16 years old, interested in music. They need power outlets, better wifi signal, seats, and good acoustics.

Persona 4: 19 years old, interested in Anime, gaming, being loud and obnoxious. They need more space.

Our group consists of Alexis, Ahmad, and Remy.


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