Observe / Ask / Persona

1. What was the location?

– Entrance of Brooklyn bridge walkway / bike path


2. Summarize what I saw and talked.

-People cross the road, watch information sign, ride bikes. Walk, talk, watch their smart phones. I asked to a lady, her name is Celia Caro, She said “It would be great if there’s pedestrian’s underpass or overpass to manage traffic around here.”


3. 4 personas.

Age: 45

Female. Lives Brooklyn. Long white hair. Thin. Short.

Interests : Childcare, cooking, saving money.

Problem : worried when her little daughter across the road. too many traffic.

Idea : Overpass for pedestrians.


Age : 26

Male. Lives Japan. Tourist. Tall. Black hair.

Interests : Internet, sightseeing, travel, food.

Problem : Lack of information.

Idea : More signs for tourists.


Age : 62

Female. Lives Manhattan, Short, brown hair.

Interests : Health, politics, pets.

Problem : hard to walk long way.

Idea : More benches and roofs.


Age : 19

Male. Lives Brooklyn. Tall. Black hair.

Interests : Extreme sports, Internet, video game.

Problem : Want water, snacks.

Idea : More snack bar and drinking fountains.



Obstacles on the way


information signs


traffic signs


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