Justin Seda – Psychopathology of Everyday Things

I found the reading kind of strange that people get confused and need help using everyday items. Some people expect that mostly all the technology they use in their life require no thinking at all. That’s just silly and you should always think before you act when it comes to technology usage. This reading reminds me of the time when I was just a little kid and i got a Nintendo entertainment system. When my parents got it out of the box and handed me the controller, my little mind couldn’t comprehend all the buttons on the controller, and it only had two buttons! All i had to do was think for a second and start the use the controller, then i got use to it. Fast forward to when the Nintendo Gamecube came out and to my surprisel, i was at that point again where i didn’t have no idea how to use the controller. Comparing the original NES controller to a Gamecube controller, the NES controller had 2 buttons and a directional pad while the gamecube controller had 8 buttons that were all over the place. You would have an easier time understanding a controller with 2 buttons compared to 8 buttons. Even today i still have trouble using a gamecube controller because of the bad organization of the buttons on the controller, but it is a good thing that i don’t use the gamecube anymore. Today’s controllers are much simplier; not 2 button controllers, but more organized and easier to understand.

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