This article does a good job of showing a common trend in product design, and that trend seems to be that most products are designed with its aesthetics in mind as opposed to its functionality. That is where we run into problems because we wind up with products that have no intuitive flow to it. The average user doesn’t read a products manual and those that do are not reading them anymore because the less intuitive a product is the bigger or longer the manual will be. This causes frustrations for the user and they wind up only really ever using a portion of what a product is capable of.

One product I can relate such an issue with is my friend’s Mercedes Benz. He spent so much money on a car that looks very appealing and has the ability to tune itself for more performance from inside the car itself all it takes is the push of several buttons. The problem is that unlike previous models its no longer just as simple as hitting the sport setting, It now has adjustments for his suspension, His rev limit. This is fine if your going for a track day, but not something you want to deal if you just want to switch it to sport mode real quick as your ridding around town.


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