The article takes aim at the understanding of abnormal behavior in relation to the everyday objects from a design standpoint. One view of why people buy products and don’t take the time to learn their functionality. For example the article touches on the washer and dryer, microwaves, etc.  The author stress the importance of a good design in correlation to the human minds ability to rationalize its functionality, and vice verses for a bad design.  As well as how the mind utilizes the principle of mapping out the functionality of an object.  This is illustrated by the example of his friend trapped between revolving doors in another country.  Signs of operation should be clearly visible by which is another principle for its design.  basically the designer should convey signals in the design for the door natural operation.

My example of a bad design would be subway turnstiles and walk a bouts.  I cant tell you how many times I’ve gotten myself or belongings stuck in them to the point of receiving instructions from the token booth clerk on how to alleviate my situation.  The embarrassment that ensued my turnstile situation was intellectually insulting.

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