Assignment #1

In this week’s reading, “The Psychopathology of Everyday Things” I can come to an honest conclusion that some designers get carried away designing. They forget about one of the important things in design which is how the end user will interact with the product. Donald Norman, list several examples in his writing of product that can be improved upon if they would have just taken the way humans naturally interact with the objects that we use. One such example was the way the slide projector control would work, the fact that it had only one button to move the slides forward and backwards was a bad way for a user to interact with a device.

One device that I believe should be made better has to be slightly improved upon is the scroll wheel for my mouse. It uses a touch pad type system and it is not able to do horizontal scrolling. It also doesn’t have the middle mouse button which is common in a lot of mice. Instead you have to tap on the touch pad. Its works but it take a little too much practice.


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