Feedback: Design and Content

In addition to teaching each other new program skills in a design team, one can learn that giving and taking feedback is essential to success. There are some individuals who get easily offended with negative/harsh critiques. It’s important to know that you can turn negative feedbacks into a positive ones by suggesting alternatives rather than just saying “this looks bad” or “you have to change this.” But, you must be very honest as well.

I took advantage of the opportunity to have valuable feedback from a team of designers and non-designers (in person) while I am working in the Faculty Commons office. Not only can they help you with visual feedback and show you different ways to create something, but they can also help you check the content. Oftentimes I am working on poster and I’ve been staring at it on the screen for hours. Even if there was a typo, my brain will fill it in as if it was correct. It’s different when you have a pair of fresh eyes to go over the grammar and spelling of the poster’s text.

If I were to work on my own on freelance projects, I would probably have to reach out to my friends, and they are probably busy with their lives. So, if you work with a team, do take advantage of it!

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